snake and girlthis is the first cover up i have dome in a long time , Lauren had a little prince tattoo so we decided to cover it up by tattoing most of her back…..the little prince never had a chance in hell. goodbye little prince.

All in all, my years on the trail were the happiest I ever lived. There were many hardships and dangers, of course, that called on all a man had of endurance and bravery. But when all went well, there was no other life so pleasant. Most of the time we were solitary adventurers in a great land as fresh and new as a spring morning. And we were free, and full of the zest of darers. 
Charles Goodnight


One Response to “WE GO TO CONQUER”

  1. john dimartino Says:

    bailey – this freakin tattoo rules. you are a very talented person. i’ve been trying to get in there to get something before you leave but money is so tight. are you around this weekend? and when are you leaving for nc? cheers mate

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