Only one push from the nest

new birdsnake necksnake neck 2maximushere are a few new ones… the snakes are on Max, he sits like a champion , never complains and never moves except to laugh at my poor attempt at jokes. these snake heads took no time at all , we started early on sunday morning and by the time we were done i had the entire rest of the day to go to the park , where i bumped into a bunch of friends i do not get to see enough. the bird is on a Ben form chicago, he has an amazing sleeve from my friend Thomas Hooper ….there was no pressure of course , haha. i really like this bird rose, i feel like it has a very 1930’s carnival feel not to mention it was a pleasure to tattoo. Ben also kindly laughed at my bad jokes ….that was nice of him as well.


3 Responses to “Only one push from the nest”

  1. Both are great. I really like the tail feathers on the bird rose.

  2. the snakes look flawless. the basic traditional colors. the scales around the mouth and eye set that shit off.

  3. Hell yes those are some nice snake heads.

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