turning leaves and spiderwebs… around the corner

horseflashtriangelhere are some new tattoos and that sheet i had promised to finish. the sheet is oversized and took forever to paint ….enjoy.


6 Responses to “turning leaves and spiderwebs… around the corner”

  1. Smart lookin’ horse.
    INSANE sheet, nice work!

  2. That sheet is really beautiful

  3. you do some great work, that flash is great and so is that eye.

  4. Love, love, love that flash sheet! One of the best I have seen in recent memory. I am officially bookmarking your blog.

    PS. You might enjoy the following collection of photos I own of WWII grenade victims and their early prosthetic limbs:


  5. was googlin’ horse tattoos and randomly stumbled onto your page. your work gets better and better. not trying to blow smoke up yer ass, but you’ve come a long way. oh yeah i found your horse picture right next to one of a lady actually blowing a horse!!!! ah the internet.. keep the wind in your sails bailey

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