a distant trumpet

here are a few new ones. i did the razor painting for tommy guns salon on ludlow st. that is one nice establishment. the bird on the shoulder is on a lovely lady from australia she and her boyfriend both were tattooed on the same day. they are also tattooers….i have never met a tattooer couple before. they were some of the sweetest people i have had the pleasure of meeting.  the crow above the elbow is on a tattooer from upstate new your by the name of andrew, we had a tuff time trying to think of what image could fit into such a funny shaped space…. then we decided nothing better than a creepy crow head.  i am currently working on a sheet of flash, each design on the sheet will be $400 first come first serve, the designs are all black shade and there will be approximately 10 to choose from. i will post more upon completion. thank you


4 Responses to “a distant trumpet”

  1. That straight razor is damn pretty.

  2. Well crafted, my friend. If by any chance a print were to happen upon existence; this straight razor, I would very much like to acquire it.

  3. I check this blog regularly and was just looking at that bird head, I thought the rose it sat against looked familiar. Turns out I did it it on him a while back! Really clean work.

  4. josh birrittier Says:

    its pretty cool to see your loft i really like the lamps and the easy going bicycles lol thanks for opening your self up to the world

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