i did this crow’s head on the side of Mr. J Toney’s neck last night. he sat very well and is always a pleasure to tattoo. i like this tattoo very much, its very bold and looks very timeless to me. thank you for looking


5 Responses to “the BIG COUNTRY”

  1. Really awesome stuff, that goes for all your work on skin and off. Im gonna have to save some mone, and time, and come to New York.

  2. Dear Bailey Hunter Robinson,
    I’m so thankful to you for taking the time to put your stuff up here. Your paintings are totally incredible. You are my favorite tattoo artist of all times. I hope I have the good fortune of one day getting a piece of ink by you. My friends Ben Fasman, and Cody Hudson both have amazing pieces by you. I’m excited to see the prints you are doing for their website. I wish you many years of success!
    From Chicago, buried in snow, John Herndon

  3. Tori Dodge Says:

    Bailey, this looks so amazing! I love the details around the eye and the deep red in the beak.

  4. dig it…

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