may i see you burn

last evening i did this raven and skull with flowers on Heather. she sat like a rock. i am not used to tattooing for more than 2 hrs at a time and this one put a hurting on me. oh!!! my back!

before i did the raven i tattooed the pharaoh’s horses on Myles Karr. he is a tattooer and a very nice person. his art work is in a league of its on, do yourself a favor and look him up…. you will not be disappointed. he tattoos at Three Kings in Williamsburg. you can also find his link on my page.

the wolf is on Mr. Marcos, he wanted the nobody love me wolf, an old design. his only request was to keep it similar to the original but build upon the design and make it my own. i really enjoyed tattooing the design and meeting Marcos.


2 Responses to “may i see you burn”

  1. All fine pieces but damn…that raven/skull looks tough as hell. NICE work as always.

  2. Son of a BITCH!!! That Marcos fella beat me to it!! Ain’t that some shit!

    Nobody love me indeed.

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