a piece of you for a piece of me

i did this wolf last night, i decided to make the wolf very scary and tuff, but give him a less intense headdress.  i like the contrast from serious scary wolf to almost a party favor type hat/headdress. this tattoo killed my back and i am sure it put a real hurting on you Aaron’s inner leg.

the brain with glasses was done by Eric Lynch at Redemption tattoo in boston. if you are not familiar with Eric’s work you need to remedy that. he is very great and inspiring.




2 Responses to “a piece of you for a piece of me”

  1. John Herndon Says:

    Have you ever read the book “Healing Back Pain, The Mind Body Connection” written by John E. Sarno? I had terrible reoccurring back pain since being a young man. Growing up skateboarding and playing drums seemed to take it’s toll. I would spend days unable to move, had to take time off work because I couldn’t walk, you know, bad! Nothing seemed to help, chiropractor, physical therapist, blah blah. But this book. Man I’m telling you. Check it out. I’d be curious to see if it gave you some relief.
    All the best, JH

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