i have no idea what i meant to be

as usual thank you for looking.

p.s. got a new camera lens, still getting used too it…


4 Responses to “i have no idea what i meant to be”

  1. Bro I’m “diggin” the gypsy lady…
    Got one of those myself to do today.
    Just a quick word of “props” for the portfolio.

    I’m a relatively new Daddy as well.
    You know how people keep saying “time flies”?
    It’s been 18 months today…Yikes!
    Enjoy as much time with her as you can.
    She’s a doll.
    Gonna take my girl out to the park after snack time.

    All the very best from the 519

  2. ryan shaffer Says:

    hey, figured i’d pass along a site a friend showed me, since you dig old-timey imagery, clothing and antique stuff — you may have already seen it.



  3. Hi Bailey, first off I would just like to say that I love your art. Really beautiful syuff.
    I’m really liking the gypsy lady with the butterfly wings.
    How long does something like that take and how much would a piece like that cost?



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