i am stuck in a city, but i belong in a field

here are a few new ones. i did the man and lady the other day, it is my favorite tattoo i have done in some time. i love doing super raw and pure folk style tattooing. it is the strongest imagery in my eyes. i love it.

the wolf is on Mr. Jonathan’s neck. he has the crow with cross bones on the other side. we knocked it out yesterday in a short time, which is great for both him and i. his neck hurt and so did my poor back.

lastly we have a hand holding some poppy’s, i really like this tattoo, as it has colors that i would not usually use…okay well one. orange.

thank you for looking as usual.



4 Responses to “i am stuck in a city, but i belong in a field”

  1. love the wolf…

  2. yeah the wolf is super, but all of it is beautiful work! inspiring art!

  3. Mara Palumbo Says:

    Love my hand bailey! people can’t stop complimenting your work. Thanks šŸ™‚

  4. that one of the sailor and his lady is super good!

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