nobody is waiting for me on the other side

here are a bunch o’ new pictures. i recently bought a insect collection that came from the buffalo natural history museum. it is very old, probably 1890’s. here is one of the shadow boxes. it is probably the most beautiful pattern i have ever seen. there are others with stars and circles made of moths, butterflies, snakes …etc.

next is a piece of flash i just did, it is a bit different than the usual, but i think still looks very old.

yesterday i finally finished these flowers on William, he has the famed lady on the horse front piece.  after finishing the flowers he decided that he wanted a very old looking tattoo, so naturally we did a simple whip shaded to hell lady with a skull who’s eyes double for gross boobs.

so there ya ‘ have it folks. enjoy and as always thank you for looking.



One Response to “nobody is waiting for me on the other side”

  1. Heidi in Folk City Says:

    I love these flowers. I’ve been looking for flower tattoo inspiration and these capture so perfectly the look and feel I’ve been searching for…brilliant work!

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