i wish that horses were wishes

No I don’t really want to die
I only want to die in your eyes
I’m still here below the chandelier
where they always used to read us our rights

I want to wander through the night
as a figure in the distance even to my own eye
Have you ever rented a room
have you ever even rented a room?

An anchor lets you see the river move
but now that your evil dreams came true
there on your face
a row of teeth he’ll come to replace

I know you laughed when I left
but you really only hurt yourself
When you see your curtains move in the wind
you can bet I’m betting against you again

Cause I’m a man who has a wife who has a mother
who married one but she loved another

You’re a tower without the bells
you’re a negative wishing well

I should have checked the stable door
for the name of the sire and dam
you were always at the dogtrack
with your brother and all his friends

Chalk lines around my body
like the shoarline of a lake
You’re laughter made me nervous
it made your body shake to hard

Now there’s a lot of things that I’m gonna miss
like thunder down country and the way water drips
when you’re running for the door in the rain
read the metro section…see my name

No I didn’t really want to die
I only wanted to die in your eyes
Grant me one last wish
Life should mean a lot less than this


i have not posted in a little while, here are a few things that i have been working on. the 2 headed eagle is a healed picture in case you were wondering , which i doubt you were.

i was excited to do this black flag “my war” tattoo. i have a my war tattoo from years ago. its important to have at least 1 black flag tattoo. at least i thought so…i have 3.


2 Responses to “i wish that horses were wishes”

  1. excellent work as always. what is the best way to get a hold of you to get some work done…

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