i no longer work at SAVED!!!!!!!!!

this is the last tattoo that i will do at saved, i finished it earlier today and i really really like it.

as of today i am happy to announce the opening of my own studio. it is a appointment only space which offers a much more relaxed environment to be tattooed in. i have wanted this for sometime now and it is nice to actually have it. located in the heart of williamsburg there is easy access from the L train and G train or a easy cab ride from the city.

email me at: thecopperbeehiveco@gmail.com to book appointments . thank you all very much.



6 Responses to “i no longer work at SAVED!!!!!!!!!”

  1. 1000 congratulations to you sir; you sound very happy. I’ll probably see you late Fall. Always a pleasure viewing this blog, fyi. More hate mail, ’tis funny.

  2. Fucking awesome , all the best my man, I will drag my ass over sometime soon x

  3. very exciting, man! hopefully somedayI’ll make it back to New York again and get more work from you!

  4. Bailey,congrats on your own studio!!Im so happy for you.
    Best wishes for your continued success…

  5. Sean (excelsior bird) Says:

    Congratulations Bailey! Look forward to seeing the studio.

  6. Nice!

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