the Devil and the Farmer’s Wife

i just did this devil head on a knee cap this afternoon. i really like it i was going for an old sideshow banner feel, i think it looks the part.

the octopus was started at saved and finish at my new studio. i really like doing old prints as tattoos. they work great.

i am really happy in my new space, thank you to everyone who has been tattooed here thus far. i truly can not believe how busy i am. thank you again.



4 Responses to “the Devil and the Farmer’s Wife”

  1. Wow! That Devils head sure looks great.

    I look forward to visiting your new Studio.

  2. that devil is so good!

  3. Both are great.
    You really nailed the sideshow banner feel on the devil. He gets scarier the more you look at him.

  4. I dig the octopus. Too Cool!

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