what is not, but could be if……….

i finished these pharos horses on Tom from London’s ribs/stomach today. we started this one awhile ago when Tom was here last, i am happy to see it finished. i think it looks very tuff and rustic. i have a thing for dark horses and i am pretty sure we met our capacity for black in this one. Tom sits like a champ, he never moves or complains and i have no idea how he sits there and basically sleeps.

once again, just want to say thank you to everyone who has been getting tattooed at my new studio. i appreciate the support.

Bailey R.


5 Responses to “what is not, but could be if……….”

  1. Nicky Papers Says:

    This is perfect, nice one Bailey.

  2. bold and beautiful…

  3. Terrific and gd enormous. Won.

  4. capacity for black? never reached!

    this is beautiful, bold, powerful, it’s like all the best things about tattoos, SOLID.


  5. Forgot to thank you for the delicious mango too!

    late as hell


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