Walk the Line

Simple is good! I love these horseshoes and the simplicity of them. The tattoo is simple and stripped down, no frills and very rugged looking.

The aviator lady was done last evening. She is a Night Witch, a member of a small group of women that fly undetectable night raids during WWII. I used the idea of wings on the top of her helmet to create a devilish silhouette. She is shaded in a way that looks very timeless to me, kind of like e crude portrait. Kenneth is from Texas and i really appreciate him traveling and getting tattooed.


4 Responses to “Walk the Line”

  1. As I was reading this, I realized Walk the Line was playing in the background on a tv in my house.

  2. really awesome man. i have a large piece ill be discussing with you soon. hope all is well. really enjoy your blog.

  3. Love the footwork! Gave you some props on my blog:


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