I did a little collaboration with my good friends at STANLEY & SONS APRON and BAG CO. Take a look at their blog for more details, you can find it on my  links list.

Buy  Made In America


7 Responses to “STANLEY & SONS BANDANA”

  1. Christian M Says:

    Those are great. Want one!

  2. Me too…where to cop?

  3. Nice. Want it.

    • Thank you guy’s, Stanley and Sons will have another color as well by the time these are for sale….should be around the 19th. Also there is another design in the works.
      thank you very much

  4. I stumbled upon this site while looking at Mark VNs work; let me know how I can buy one or more (multiple colors) of the bandana(s).
    (client of Mark VN, 2006, birds of paradise rib panel)

    • Hi Brandon,
      they are through Stanley and Sons Apron and Bag CO. I only designed them for the nice folks over there, I believe that they will be available around the 19th of this month. Thank you for your inquiry.
      Have a great week

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