Roving Cowboy

Here are a few new ones that I have tattooed , even a new little folk painting. I have been insainely busy and have not had much time to post or do anything else but tattoo for that matter. I am not complaining though, I have a wonderful day everyday working for myself. Thank you to everyone who has been getting tattooed lately esp. those of you 2 times in one week.

I have just finished  designing  another handkerchief with Stanley and Sons, it should be out very soon. Speaking of Stanley and Sons they will be at the Pop Up Flea on Mulberry st. this weekend starting friday, so if you are around the area you should stop by as they will be selling their wonderful bags, aprons and the first run of the handkerchifs. I have never attended the Pop Up Flea, but I think that it is an ACL production.

I have also added a few new links to check out if you like.

thank you for lookin’




One Response to “Roving Cowboy”

  1. so nice, dont know what else to say, just nice

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