tiny flock of birds

It is a real bird heavy post. I had the pleasure of tattooing both of these birds this week, they were both a pleasure to tattoo. Humming birds make such great tattoos, they are such neat looking lil’ birds. I remember being in a garden a year or so ago and freaking out over the size of this bee, I just could not get over it. I realized that it was a tiny little humming bird with yellow and black markings zipping very close to me….it was great. I have never seen such a tiny humming bird and have not seen one since.


thank you for looking



3 Responses to “tiny flock of birds”

  1. Love these birds, Bailey.
    I always look forward to that time of year when the hummingbirds visit my garden. The coolest thing is when you actually see one that alights on a branch for several seconds. It’s hard to imagine that they ever sit still.

  2. Do you know about hummingbird moths? They are moths that look exactly like hummingbirds to throw off potential predators. Nature is so fucking rad!

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