Spring Wind

I tattooed this bold and black cowboy yesterday, I took the simple straight ahead approach to this one. As for the painting I outlined it earlier this week and painted it today after i tattooed this morning and ran errands in the city., it was really windy, but a great day for a ride. I like this snake and lady, looks like it should be in some old bar…..I think thats where you find snakes and ladies.

thank you for looking as usual.

Bailey Hunter Robinson


9 Responses to “Spring Wind”

  1. Love the snake and lady painting. Speaking of snakes, I heard that a deadly cobra escaped from the Brooklyn Zoo this morning. Any news?

  2. Bailey is this painting for sale?

  3. that painting turned out great!

  4. That’s a great painting.

  5. chris b. Says:

    Wouldnt it be easier to call yourself just Bailey Robinson instead of 3 names?
    For the longest time I thought you were a girl

  6. I would love to have that painting tattoed! so awesome

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