I dream a highway

I tattooed this wild panther and tea cup situation the other day. I really enjoyed tattooing this design, it is a crazy idea however it looks nice and classy in my humble opinion.

Next up we have started a large pony on a rib cage. I had a great time tattooing this design, I always enjoy tattooing larger designs. I also was excited to tattoo a horse with a body. Charles was a great sport as my daughter made a surprise visit he made sure to smile as oppose to grimace while I tattooed his ribs so as not to upset her. That was really nice.

thank you all for looking

BHRhot panther action


5 Responses to “I dream a highway”

  1. I work at a flea market in Brooklyn and I had a quick discussion with Charles, on Saturday, when he came into my booth. I noticed some above par drawings on his arms and he mentioned he was heading to get tattooed by you later in the day. While I have never been tattooed by you, I visit your blog frequently, and once I pay off the IRS I plan on booking some time. I asked Charles how big he was going to go and he said he had no idea. Well I guess you’ll decided to go big. Great start. Looking forward to viewing the end result. Take Care.

  2. That’s a great horse!

  3. That stallion is no joke! Righteous! Always inspiring looking at your work.

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