red clay halo

I tattooed this snake today on a fellow southerner. Snake tattoos are lots of fun!

Next is a painting that I did the other evening on a scrap piece of paper. It is a rose and whirling log design that represents luck, light and love. I really like to paint on scrap pieces of paper, I have no idea why.

Last we have a butterfly that I tattooed on a very nice New York tattooer. I always love to tattoo butterflies, I also like having them tattooed on me. I have lots of butterfly tattoos they are so nice a easy going.

As always thank you very much for looking



8 Responses to “red clay halo”

  1. good update!

  2. Sweet baby Jesus! That snake is Sah-weet! Good Luck=Killer!….and the Butterfly-whoa! As always my friend a feast for my weary lids.

  3. GREAT update!

  4. That snake is the greatest. Will you be at the SFO convention this year? If so, any way to set up a session?

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