love is an object kept in an empty box

I tattooed this folky rose the other day and painted a new sheet of flash for the studio as well. I have started another sheet that will be done soon unless it gets to hot to do anything again, last week nearly killed me.

thank you for looking

Bailey Hunter Robinson


7 Responses to “love is an object kept in an empty box”

  1. gorgeous sheet as always

  2. Amazing work! If I could get all these tattoos done on me right now I would. Hopefully one day I will 🙂

  3. Man now that’s what a black n gray tat is suppose to look like! So sweet! The sheet of flash timeless as always. I mean come on a girl smoking a pipe-dear god I think I’m in love!

  4. Bailey,
    This folksy rose is quite divine and I think I see the eye on your sheet of flash in my future.

  5. Love the chick smoking the pipe.

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