Wings and Bones

Yesterday during the earthquake I tattooed this eagle on a ball (not a globe, ha). Morten and I were just tattooing away and all of a sudden the old building that houses the studio started shaking  and we were both pretty confused.

I tattooed this skull the other day, I love tattooing skulls they are always fun to do and look timeless and tuff.

As always thank you for looking

Bailey Hunter Robinson


6 Responses to “Wings and Bones”

  1. Damnit, these both look great dude! I won $25 on Take 5, gettin closer for color in that buffalo.. tatonka.

  2. Timeless as always!

  3. LOve the eagle! Hope I can be again in Brooklyn some day.

  4. Both are great, but I really like the skull. Teeth look great.

  5. Nice eagle … Pretty cool on the ball not being a globe. But that skull is fucking nasty. Good to see your still having fun

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