Fall Fun

Here are a few new tattoos,

Sorry for the laps in posting. I outlined this back piece last week and I am excited to start the shading in the next few days. I tattooed the black and grey lady and the elephant just before I went out of town. On a mission to try and enjoy a little bit of fall weather out doors.

The gourds and pumpkins were along the side of a barn at Hickory Nut Gap Farm just outside of Asheville, NC. so I decided to take a few pictures.

As always thank you for looking,



5 Responses to “Fall Fun”

  1. Love the work! Hey, kinda off topic but i know you collect or used to collect vintage machines .. You know where I could find one?

    • Hi Dylan,
      I got rid of all of mine a couple years ago, when I was buying them it was hard to find them …now I’d bet it’s even more difficult. I have this weird problem where I want something really badly and I’ll start collecting and coveting this thing(whatever it is) and then one day I wake up and don’t care a thing in the world about it. I sold most of them and the others I traded for new machines.
      sorry that was long winded.

  2. jon tannen Says:

    Holy Shit!

  3. geesh, every time I see an effective a full back commitment such as this, I start giving my self a hard time for getting started at a very young age, going pretty big for a 15yr old and right in the center of my shoulders. I wish my back was a blank canvas that I could donate to your work

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