Here are a few new pictures, sorry about the lack of posting….

I did this Fighting Whale on Andrew, it is for his  grandpa. I had a great time doing this tattoo, it’s quirky, but not to crazy.

Second is a quick little rendition painting I did of a kitty cat for my little beast, it’s really funny if you are familiar with the original. My version is……very folky in comparison. very folky!!! hahaha

The original is a very fine oil painting from somewhere around the  mid to late 1800’s.

Last is this butterfly on a hand, is was lots of fun to tattoo and a little different. Andy said before we started that he wanted more cool colors and less warm, I was happy to oblige. I feel like warm colors get used a lot in my tattoos, so it was nice to step up the blue and greens. 


2 Responses to “THE FAR SIDE of TROUBLE”

  1. Man it is always refreshing to peep on your sweet tats. Always a pleasure to see how real tats should look!

  2. Hey Bailey–that whale is one of my favorites ever! Lucky dude!
    Still lovin’ me spinach can from last year 🙂 Hope all’s well

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