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Buffalo time ….

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A good ole’ Buffalo on a great gal from Austin, Tx.

thank you for lookin’



Never Go to Heaven When You die

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I did this eagle a couple of weeks ago in one shot on a very tough customer.

I have just moved the studio down the street and it is coming together nicely, I will post pictures soon._MG_4214

Grey Horse

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I tattooed this horse  earlier in the  month on such a nice guy from Italy.

thank you,




All it took was luck to not get caught…

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Here are a few new ones, I have been doing a lot of very fun tattoos on some very great folks. The bison and skull are on the same fellow form Australia and the dagger in on a very nice tattooer form California.

I ran into Luke Roberts the other day and we tattooed this star and his initials, if you are not familiar with Luke’s music you should check it out.

thank you all for lookin’

Bailey R.


Someday will never come

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Tattooed this one on Mr. Ben Hittle of BMX bicycle fame. Ben has a great collection of tattoos and I am always honored to be part of his ever growing body suit.

Thank you Ben  for getting tattooed and thank you for looking



Oh the Dreadful wind and rain…

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Here are a bunch of new tattoos I have done lately, I really slacked off with the posting and am trying to make up for it but putting a bunch of stuff up at once. haha

All of these tattoos were a blast to do and on wonderful folks, I really appreciate everyone who gets tattooed by me and allows me to create fun tattoos 7 days a week.

thank you all very much and thank you for looking,

Bailey R.


Most all the hands I’ve ever held were holdin’ me down

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Here are a couple of new ones,I’ve been working on a lot of very fun stuff lately. I really enjoyed tattooing this lady with her hat and roses, it was very fun to do that giant bow.

As far as the back piece goes that one is on Will who has an older tattoo from me on his front of a lady on a bucking horse. I have always wanted to to a version on the lady riding that crazy dragon, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d get to do it as a back piece. Lot’s of fun!

thank you for looking,