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Animal House….

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Some new ones….

thank you for looking_MG_4390_MG_4402


Buffalo time ….

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A good ole’ Buffalo on a great gal from Austin, Tx.

thank you for lookin’


Tiger hat

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Ladies and tigers…..a fun one on a nice lady from Florida.

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Never Go to Heaven When You die

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I did this eagle a couple of weeks ago in one shot on a very tough customer.

I have just moved the studio down the street and it is coming together nicely, I will post pictures soon._MG_4214


Cat’s and Flowers

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Thanks to Two Arms Inc. I have a nice new lay out for the blog. You may notice all earlier image posts are a bit blurry, just click on them and they will be shown in proper resolution.

Here is a super fun cat from last month on a shin.

thank you for looking



Darkest Veil

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I have been slacking with posts, so to remedy that here are a few new pictures to check out.

The mermaid is on Alicia who is one tuff lady, she has a few older tattoos from me. You can see the rose bud peeking out from a tattoo I did 6 years ago.

The bird was a fun one on a very nice fellow from Italy.

thank you for looking



November Wind

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I did this super fun one the other day, I was very excited about her hat. A fun tattoo on a great customer, thank you Daniel.

thank you for looking